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Retro Cool . Fluid Futures

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Torie Burdeyney has been a sought-after hair stylist for over a decade, with her work appearing in magazines and on centre stage in one of Calgary’s most acclaimed Arts festivals, the High Performance Rodeo. In addition to teaching advanced cutting techniques to apprentices for over five years and taking advanced training herself in Amsterdam and Montreal, she tries to attend at least one hair show annually to enhance and innovate her creative skills.

But before all of that, Torie was a weird little kid who could never get the right hair cut. That desire for hair that could capture her authentic self catalyzed into a lifelong goal. Always creative and outside the norm, at 11, she had conceptualized the perfect haircut in her mind. She knew exactly what she wanted—a haircut that fit who she was, one that would show it to the world—something that accurately represented her identity (as a trumpet-playing figure-skater who loved short hair and lime green everything). It was that, the inability to get the right haircut for who she was and who she wanted to be, that set her on her path, one she’s never wavered from.

In high school, a neighbour witnessed that passion and potential and gave Torie her first set of professional scissors, and along with it, the confidence to go for her dreams. She cut anyone’s hair she could find—friends, family, and neighbours, until she went to the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver to further achieve her goals. There, she expanded her repertoire, honed her skills, and refined her natural talents. When her formal education ended, her informal education continued, signing onto a mainstream salon in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta. There she learned discipline, and the importance of continuous learning and refinement. 

However, in this environment, her creativity felt stifled, and that ever-important goal of being able to give people the right hair for who they are and who they wanted to be was ever-present. She began to volunteer her time at a local shelter to give haircuts to women and children, and to dream about opening her own salon.

Now, the time has come. With Torie B Studio’s, she’s been able to get back to her roots—the retro cool, gender-free, avant-garde, and creative styles that always drew her—but with over a decade of skill, technique, and refinement, and her ceaseless passion for creativity and authenticity.

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Retro Cool . Fluid Futures
Torie B Studio is a private hair studio located in a professional health/beauty co-work space. Providing personalized hair experiences for any and every gender. The vibe is chill, the view is urban and the hair is expressive.



$75 including GST
$80 including GST starting January 1st 2023



Starting at $85

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Thursday 10 - 7pm
Friday      10 - 7pm
Saturday  9 - 6pm
Sunday    9 - 6pm
Monday   10 - 6pm
Tuesday    CLOSED
Wednesday  CLOSED

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Torie B Studio


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